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America is still incredibly rich and these numbers prove it

Posted by Admin on 10 feb, 2015 comments(2)

Trump, the leading Republican presidential prospect, states the United States is bad, a claim I exposed in a current story. Some readers weren`t buy my argument so I`m digging deeper into the numbers. The standard objection boils down to something: A nation can`t possibly be wealthy with a national financial obligation of $19.3 trillion, or about $160,000 per U.S. household. If Washington had to pay that off all of a sudden, it couldn`t possibly come up with the cash. And if you can't pay your financial obligations, you need to be bad.

Politics, not finance, is key concern for Anbang

Posted by Admin on 10 feb, 2015 comments(2)

Whether China`s Anbang Insurance Group can provide on enthusiastic overseas strategies hinges less on monetary questions than political ones. The insurer, led by Chairman Wu Xiaohui, is poised to win control of U.S. hotelier Starwood for about $14 billion, beating Marriott International. However, Caixin publication states Anbang could fall foul of rules avoiding Chinese insurance providers investing more than 15 percent of their total assets overseas. If you are interested in collection agency merchant account you need to visit this mypaymentsavvy.com .

Dumfries and Galloway health board finance danger 'unmatched'.

Posted by Admin on 10 feb, 2015 comments(2)

A health board has been warned of an "unprecedented level" of financial threat in attempting to satisfy its cost savings goals. A report to NHS Dumfries and Galloway seeks approval of its five-year revenue strategy up to 2021. However, it highlights a string of obstacles in discovering the final 2m of savings in a total target of 12.7 m. The board is needed to deliver a five-year plan instead of a three-year one due to the major capital expense in a new basic healthcare facility in Dumfries. The report flags up continuous work to establish "ingenious solutions" to find the cost savings needed to break even in 2016/17.

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